Ohio General Assembly


What: House Bill 411—Modify Wrongful Imprisonment Law Who: Representatives Emilia Sykes (D-Akron) & Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati)

Impact: If passed this bill will:

  • Allow an Ohio resident who believes they were wrongfully imprisoned to file a claim in the court where the original crime was charged or in the county Common Pleas Court of which they reside in.

  • Expand the criterion for wrongful convictions to include misdemeanor convictions as well as felonies/aggravated felonies.

  • Apply the “error in procedure that resulted in the individual’s release” criterion following sentencing or imprisonment; includes a violation of the individual’s constitutional right known as the “Brady Rule”.

Next Steps: Third consideration on the House Floor for a chamber vote


What: Senate Bill 16—Make Health Professionals Culturally Competent Who: Senator Charleta Tavares (D-Columbus)

Impact: If passed this bill will:

  • Require health care professionals including but not limited to, dentists, registered nurses, optometrists to receive continuing education in cultural competency in order to obtain or renew their licensure.

  • Mandate state boards that regulate each profession to configure the amount of hours of cultural competency instruction that must be completed.

    • State boards must consider race and gender-based disparities when making this determination and consult with national accredited organizations.

Next Steps: Committee hearings and vote

City of Columbus

What: Ordinance 1010-2018—Capital Improvements Budget (CIB) Who: Columbus City Council

Impact: The 2018 CIB will allocate $719.7 million in new funding to various local entities and agencies for physical infrastructure including street pavement, construction/remodeling of buildings, and water and sewer upgrades

Next Steps: Passed City Council April 23, 2018, now must be appropriated