Central Ohio Young Black Democrats Policy Platforms

The Central Ohio Young Black Democrats have adopted five area policies that we believe align with our mission and purpose to uplift the black community in Central Ohio. These key issues represent major areas of concern for black community and will be used in our evaluation of candidates that seek our endorsement



We believe that education is one of the major keys to improving our community. We will work in tandem with community, education and government leaders to push for an increase in access, transparency, accountability and funding for education on all levels. In addition, we will work to increase civic education to ensure that the community are empowered and knowledgeable about issues such as voting rights, the process of local, state and federal government and social issues.


Health is essential to our quality of life and affects our ability to go to work, school and overall state of being. Infant mortality, mental health, drug dependence, food deserts and attacks on women’s heath are just some of the issues we will focus on to eradicate health disparities in the black community.

Criminal Justice.png

Criminal Justice

Reforms to the criminal justice system is critical to ensure equity and fairness for those incarcerated as well as those seeking to re-entry into society. Thus we will work to address fair sentencing practices, change privatization regulations, address the elimination of the death penalty and juvenile justice reform. In addition, the relationship between law enforcement and the community has become increasingly volatile and we will work to address police brutality and improve relationships.


Housing & Homelessness

Fair quality housing and homelessness is a serious crisis area in the black community, throughout Central Ohio. We will seek to partnerships with community groups and entities to address gentrification and affordable housing issues, tenant rights, healthy homes and teen homelessness.





Energy + Environment

In order to sustain our community for future generations, we must be proactive in protecting the quality of our environment. We believe in working to protect the safety of our water systems for public consumption and use, monitoring clean and renewable energy standards and ensure the safety of our infrastructure.